Connecting Business initiative Annual Event on 5 February 2019 (public)

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat • 14 January 2019
Event date 5 Feb '19
Event location Geneva • Switzerland

The Connecting Business initiative Annual Event is fast approaching and will be convened again during the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week in Geneva on 5 February. We are excited to see our members and partners now for the third time and to hear more about the progress accomplished over the last year. In preparation, we want to flag the following:

  1. All participants need to register to HNPW to get a badge and have access to the venue, including the CBi Annual Event. Please complete your registration here, but also send the names of participants to the CBi Secretariat.
  2. The CBi Annual Event on 5 February will consist of two sessions that are open for all HNPW participants. The audience will be participants from the private sector, UN, civil society and government representatives. 
  3. The programme of the Annual Event is attached.
  4. We have created a dedicated event + discussion space on this website for the CBi Member Networks Group, where our members can log in to have access to CBi conference documents and logistics advice, including invitation, agenda, presentations, logistics note, etc. If you are registered on this website as a CBi member/partner please check in online regularly.

Some 80% of businesses affected by a major incident such as hurricanes/tropical cyclones, floods, earthquakes or manmade crises either never re-open or close within 18 months (source: Axa). but there are key steps to ensure that they survived in a crisis. CBi networks in 13 countries will share at our Annual Event lessons learnt and innovative approaches to manage risks, prepare for and respond to hazards.

Join us at our public Annual Event 2019, and take the opportunity to connect with other humanitarian networks during the week, to help shape the agenda of private sector in disaster preparedness, risk reduction, response and recovery.