Transforming private sector engagement in crisis

CBi response to COVID-19


CBi works closely with the UN system, private sector networks and the broader business community to address the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative aligns with and complements WHO efforts, while providing a platform for the private sector to support preparedness, response and recovery. Focus is on supporting the health response; strengthening crisis management and addressing critical socio-economic impacts. 

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CBi Catalytic Funding Support for Response and Recovery

Support to CBi networks

The core activity of CBi and its private sector networks is disaster management. Many networks have also responded to health crises in the past, such as measles and pneumonic plague epidemics. They have demonstrated the power of collective action and the importance of the local private sector, and can now build on their previous experiences to respond to COVID-19.  

CBi supports the business networks in four areas: risk containment and mitigation in communities; communications and public outreach; economic impact and business continuity and advocacy and policy dialogue.

The key services offered include: 

  • A knowledge management and online collaboration platform to share resources, good practices and lessons learned
  • Support on hazard monitoring and risk mitigation measures
  • Capacity building and guidance in drafting and implementing COVID-19 response and recovery plans 
  • Support in business continuity planning
  • Catalytic funding to selected countries where UNDP and CBi supported networks collaborate on COVID-19 response and recovery
  • Advocacy messaging
  • Support in public-private partnerships and policy dialogue

COVID-19 response by CBi supported networks

Support to the UN system

When emergencies occur coordination is necessary. CBi supports the UN system in strategically engaging businesses in  system-wide preparedness, response and recovery. To support COVID-19 efforts, CBi offers the following to its UN partners:

  • Coordinating the UN emergency private sector focal points group in collaboration with the UN Global Compact
  • Raising resources to support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, Global Humanitarian Response Plan and UN COVID-19 Multi-Partner Trust Fund
  • Supporting UNDP and OCHA country offices on engaging with private sector networks around COVID-19
  • Providing information, tools and guidance in engaging companies collectively 
  • Allocating catalytic funding to the selected countries where CBi has networks 
  • Engaging in global UNDP and OCHA work streams where relevant

Support to the broader business community

Private sector is a critical partner that can provide effective solutions to the COVID-19 challenges. CBi supports the broader business community in addressing the impacts of COVID-19 by sharing information and updates, providing guidance and tools, and organizing webinars. CBi also supports companies with bilateral queries and helps match their offers with identified needs. 

Resources on COVID-19 for the private sector

UN Business Guide on COVID-19

09 Jun 2020 •
Connecting Business initiative Secretariat

Basic guidance for CBi networks to address COVID-19

27 Apr 2020 •
Connecting Business initiative Secretariat

COVID-19 pandemic

Head Photo: UNDP Bangladesh/Fahad Kaizer

story photo: PDRF