INFORM Annual Report 2020 and updates on INFORM initiatives

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat • 29 June 2020

INFORM is a multi-stakeholder partnership coordinated by OCHA and focused on risk and crisis analysis. Here is a brief update on INFORM’s recent work. It is highly relevant to the corporate emergency related to Covid19 and humanitarian operations globally:

1. INFORM Risk Index - Composite risk index analysing structural risk of humanitarian crises in 191 countries. Updated twice per year (March/September)

2. INFORM Severity Index - Composite risk index analysing severity of existing crises (currently approx. 130 crises). Available in beta version, official launch later this year. Released monthly.

3. INFORM Warning - Tool to monitor dynamic risks and support early warning processes with quantitative information. Scoping in 2020. Concept note attached.

4. INFORM Subnational - Support for implementation of INFORM risk assessment process at country/regional level. Online training and guidance available. We continue to work to try and expand capacity for centralised coordination and technical support for OCHA Offices and others that wish to develop an INFORM risk model. We hope to offer a solution for this by end of 2020.

Please find the icons below to download INFORM Annual Report 2020 as well as highlighted documents in this update.

COVID-19 related INFORM work.

INFORM partners have adapted the above work streams on risk and early warning to respond to analytical needs of the COVID-19 response.

Firstly, INFORM partners developed the INFORM COVID-19 Risk Index. This was based in part on the work already done to incorporate epidemic risk into the INFORM Risk Index. It prioritises countries by their risk of health and humanitarian impacts resulting from COVID-19, in the case of community transmission of the disease in a country. It has been widely circulated to donors, humanitarian partners, RC’s etc. and used to support initial identification and prioritisation of countries for additional support.

The INFORM COVID-19 Risk Index is based on structural factors that existed before the start of the pandemic. Therefore, it cannot effectively monitor changing health and humanitarian risks as the situation evolves. INFORM partners are therefore currently working on a INFORM COVID-19 Warning product. This will be updated regularly and allow users to monitor how risks of health and humanitarian impacts are changing dynamically. As a result, it will be more suited to support decisions on ongoing response and preparedness. We will circulate more information on this when the product is further developed.

For results of INFORM products and further information, please visit the INFORM website ( or HDX page (

If you have any further questions about INFORM’s work or how you can incorporate these products into your decision-making, please contact Andy Thow from  IMB at

Photo: UNDP Eurasia