East Africa Humanitarian Private Sector Partnership Platform - Newsletter July 2019

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat • 25 July 2019

During the second quarter of 2019, HPPP carried out a landscape assessment in line with CBi's Global Guidance Toolkit to enable the platform position itself in the engagement of the private sector in man-made disasters and complex emergencies environment. The assessment sought to establish the existing disaster preparedness measures by businesses in Kenya, their engagement with humanitarian actors during emergencies and disasters, existing support structures that businesses rely on after disasters for their recovery and opportunities for private sector engagement in the humanitarian space.

Due to the different challenges and risks in the Kenyan context ;a validation workshop was conducted in June to further understand and surface issues, probe the findings of the landscape assessment, and help generate an Action Plan for the HPPP to address complex emergencies. During the workshop, the National Disaster Operation Centre Director (NDOC) confirmed the renewal of NDOC's participation in HPPP's activities and that HPPP will be included in NDOC’s planning and coordination meetings in future for better coordination and knowledge sharing especially in the humanitarian activities .

During the workshop, HPPP members committed to the agreed action plans with some of the key engagement activities identified below:

  • Training of members on business continuity planning and disaster preparedness.
  • Business contingency preparedness and planning training for HPPP member organizations.
  • Establishment of communication channels before disasters.
  • Advocacy for harmonization of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) policy at County and National level.