Madagascar update 2019

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat • 16 March 2020
Report in group Madagascar

Disaster Risk Reduction and Preparedness activities in 2019

The network provided phones and tablets to non-profit organizations to support preparedness and early warning measures. On 17 September, they donated 58 phones and tablets to the humanitarian NGO Medair. Targeting mayors, local leaders, school directors and Medair Madagascar field agents, the equipment will allow them to receive weather warnings before, during and after a natural hazard. It also allows more efficient reporting on the joint project between Medair and the Bureau National de gestion des risques et des catastrophes Madagascar (BNGRC).  

PSHP also provided 20 smartphones to WFP for their Integrated food security Phase Classification (IPC), a tool for anticipating and improving food security analysis and decision making for future drought emergency responses in the South of Madagascar. 

The Private Sector Humanitarian Platform (PSHP) Madagascar contributed to two national policies and plans: Plan Directeur Pharmaceutique National and Politique Pharmaceutique National. Through PSHP, the private sector proposed amendments to the Agence de Médicaments de Madagascar on the procedure and documentation of private sector supply systems per outlet type. They also requested improved awareness raising and application of the existing laws and regulations on drugs and health commodities. Lastly, they called for continued availability of logistics management information system (LMIS) data. 

Disaster Response and Recovery in 2019

In March and April 2019, Southern Africa was hit by two subsequent cyclones – Idai and Kenneth – that left a trail of destruction in their path. PSHP Madagascar mobilized its members to contribute to relief and recovery efforts in the Comoros and liaised with Telma Comores (subsidiary of Telma Madagascar, the host entity and Chair of the network) to exchange information on the impact. The network introduced the “MVola” (Mobile Money) to Telma Comores that enabled them to gather financial donations from Comorian and from diaspora abroad. Telma Comores also supported the Direction Général de la Société Civile de Comores by broadcasting text messages to people in shelters or in affected areas. The private sector in Comoros  also sent food items to the regional relief coordination centers.  

In August, the network provided emergency kits in response to a fire that broke out in Anosibe West and destroyed 52 houses and caused 274 victims.  

On 9 December, Tropical Cyclone Belna made landfall in the Amparafa village on the western coast of Madagascar. Belna then weakened into a tropical storm and continued southwards. PSHP Madagascar contributed to the response by providing internet connection (data collection, information management) for the regional operational centre of Boeny and collaborated with MEDAIR on fundraising. 

Throughout the year, the network supported the Ministry of Public Health on the measles outbreak by collecting and distributing medicines, and providing and monitoring information (SMS broadcast). 

To respond to the recurring drought in the south of Madagascar, the network collaborated with MEDAIR on the project “Rano Velo” that focuses on water supply.  

Photo: UNDP Madagascar