Trusted Vendors’ List for Personal Protective Equipment inTurkey

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat • 15 July 2021
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Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to material, equipment or protectors designed to protect one or more persons against external influences. Since it is crucial for human health, protective equipment must meet certain standards and comply with the necessary conditions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a high demand for protective equipment and products. Therefore, the reliability and quality of the Personal Protective Equipment have gained importance during the pandemic and become an important issue that needs to be addressed worldwide. For this reason, it has become crucial to determine the criteria regarding the requirements for personal protective equipment, and to develop a list of reliable manufacturers.

Developed by the Business for Goals Platform and funded by the Connecting Business Initiative (CBi), “The Trusted Vendors List for Personal Protective Equipment” has been prepared by TÜRKONFED, which aimed to list trusted companies operating in Turkey that produce PPE in accordance with the global standards. Therefore, a reliable list of manufacturers was developed in order to facilitate the matching of Turkish companies with global buyers. The list also aims to contribute to the increase in foreign trade and export capacities of trusted vendors, and to facilitate the participation of exporting companies in public procurement and public acquisition processes. On this occasion, the customer portfolio of the companies included in the catalog is expected to increase.

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