Connect with the UN-Business Action Hub

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat • 4 April 2019

The UN-Business Action Hub is a platform where the UN and business can engage in dialogue, share information and take action to advance UN objectives and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Businesses are a major contributor to humanitarian action. Here, some ways your company can contribute to the humanitarian response in countries struck by the cyclone Idai :

1. Making a financial contribution: The humanitarian community considers financial contributions to reputable aid organizations participating in the international humanitarian coordination mechanisms as one of the most valuable and effective form of response. OCHA-managed pooled funds are considered to be one of the most efficient mechanisms of humanitarian financing e.g. CERF.

2. Making an in-kind donation of products or services.

3. Engaging in the Connecting Business initiative. We are a private sector-driven, UN-supported multi-stakeholder alliance that engages the private sector strategically and holistically before, during and after emergencies, strengthening the overall resilience of communities.

4. Making a commercial offer. If your offer is commercial in nature, please go to for more information.

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Photo credit: Denis Onyodi & Karel Prinsloo