East Africa

Humanitarian Private Sector Partnership Platform for East Africa

The Humanitarian Private Sector Partnership Platform for East Africa promotes inclusion of the private sector as an integral participant in government-led preparedness planning and coordination of offers for disaster management/ humanitarian action with appropriate recipient or partner organisations.

This platform will enable systematic long-term partnerships between the private sector, United Nations, Non-governmental organizations and Government. The platform provides enhanced awareness and facilitation of inter-business and humanitarian connections, creating synergies of cross-sector collaboration in disaster prone and affected contexts.

Activities of the platform include:

  • Promote ongoing engagement and networking opportunities.
  • Manage information, document best practices, provide room for intentional growth of strategic long-term partnerships.
  • Facilitate incubation of innovation (technologies, people skills, approaches) and identify each stakeholder’s unique robust value proposition for humanitarian challenges in East Africa.
  • Create joint investment cases that result in profitability for business and communities as means to promote basic humanitarian standards and principles & explore the role of business regarding advocacy opportunities within the larger business community, with Governments.
  • Improve humanitarian effectiveness – better preparedness and prepositioning of relationships will improve the next disaster response.
  • Foster mutual accountability.
  • Support training on business and humanitarian principles.

The initial focus is on two focus areas in Kenya with the intention to expand to other countries in East Africa: 1) El Nino preparedness and response in Kenya complementing ongoing Government-led activities, facilitating information sharing and identifying gaps and solutions that can be jointly addressed with disaster-affected communities; and 2) Support to refugee settlements.

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