Focus Note: The Building Blocks for Successful Private Sector Engagement

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat • 23 August 2017
Publication in group Fiji

Given their inherent strengths, there is a great opportunity for the private sector in the Pacific to play a central role in building community resilience, and for their potential contributions to be better utilised by government and partners. The consequences of climate change and disasters are experienced by all sectors of society, private and public, and the public sector cannot effectively manage these risks alone (UNISDR, 2015).

In practice, engaging the private sector to reduce risk and improve resilience in the Pacific can mean one of two things. On one hand, business operations are impacted by of climate change and disasters, and on the other, the private sector can be agents of change in government led resilience building activities. There are certainly activities that fall into both categories, but for the most part this separation stands true.

The focus note published by the Pacific Risk Resilience Programme explores the activities that the private sector can engage with as well as the motives behind such engagement. The Fiji Business Disaster Resilience Council (FBDRC) is set as an example of what meaningful engagement in government-led climate change and disaster related activities is. Building on the success of the FBDRC, the note explains how building blocks can lead to improved and coordinated action.