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Engaging companies in manmade disasters - a guidance toolkit for private sector networks

Although the majority of humanitarian needs are connected to manmade disasters such as conflicts, political unrest, forced displacement and famines, the private sector has tended to be less involved due to the elevated degree of (reputational) risk associated with these types of emergencies.

The Guidance Toolkit focuses on translating manmade disaster contexts such as complex emergencies into specific risk elements that can be mitigated by private sector network actions. Building on prior research and existing tools, this toolkit offers a comprehensive framework for private sector networks to analyze, develop, and execute an engagement strategy that fits the capabilities of its members, efficiently channels private sector capabilities and supports governments and the humanitarian community.

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This Guidance Toolkit was funded by the European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian aid Operations department (DG-ECHO).

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08 Aug 2019 •
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Addressing complex disasters, the next frontier

08 Aug 2019 •
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