CBi workstream

Impact measurement

The preliminary results of the CBi Network Assessment Tool indicate that CBi Member Networks provide clear value to their stakeholders, yet only a few of them currently invest in monitoring, evaluation and impact measurement. This hinders their ability to demonstrate systematic evidence of their impact, mobilize new members and strengthen their overall efforts.

Yet this phenomenon does not only exist among private sector networks. In fact, there is increasing pressure across the humanitarian system to demonstrate impact. This interest also reflects the quest for accountability in humanitarian action. Greater emphasis is placed on results - organizations not only report progress in implementing activities, but are also expected to demonstrate systemic and sustainable impact and changes in people’s lives. Therefore, the question is what format and process should  impact measurement take. 

CBi will focus on developing tools and providing more support to CBi Member Networks in monitoring and evaluating their activities and measuring the impact on societal and business resilience.

To learn more about the workstream and get engaged, please reach out to connectingbusiness@un.org  

Photo: Michael Atwood / UNDP