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Complex Emergencies

The interplay between natural and man-made hazards and an elevated level of vulnerability make the humanitarian context in some countries extremely complex. Although humanitarian organizations are becoming more effective and efficient, rising humanitarian needs require action of all stakeholders and the private sector can support efforts in building more robust systems for preventing and responding to crises.

Effective collaboration and coordination mechanisms could strengthen the support provided to affected populations. Whereas good examples have started to emerge from individual companies supporting the humanitarian community, collective private sector action in complex emergencies and manmade disasters remains largely unexplored. Acknowledging its potential to scale impact, minimize duplication and provide a clear and easy entry point for companies to engage, more can be done to leverage existing private sector networks and collective action platforms like CBi Member Networks. Furthermore, existing efforts to engage the private sector in these more challenging operating environments have not sufficiently focused on the local private sector.

According to the 2018 Global Humanitarian Overview, conflict will
cause the largest proportion of humanitarian needs in 2018.

CBi Activities

With the support of ECHO, the Connecting Business initiative will develop a Guidance Toolkit in 2018-2019 to support its Member Networks - and other collective private sector platforms - in engaging the (local) private sector in complex emergencies and manmade disasters. Strengthened engagement of the private sector in these areas should be based on standards, guidance and good practices that have the potential of being replicated and scaled up. The Guidance Toolkit will first be piloted in Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya and Turkey, but all CBi Member Networks are invited to join the project and take action.

To learn more about the project and get engaged, please reach out to Ms. Tiina Mylly.

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