Mozambique: Reuniting with a survivor four months after Cyclone Idai

reliefweb • 10 July 2019

Ahead of the UN Secretary-General’s visit to Mozambique, where he will witness first-hand the devastating impact of two consecutive cyclones, OCHA’s Saviano Abreu recounts his unexpected meeting with Hortencia, one of the first survivors he met four months ago, shortly after Cyclone Idai destroyed her home. They met again this past Sunday at Mandruzi resettlement site, where Hortencia and her children are rebuilding their lives.

How we met

I first met Hortencia on 19 March, just four days after Cyclone Idai tore through Mozambique. The single young mother of three was staying in an overcrowded accommodation centre in the Escola Industrial in Beira. She was one of the first people I interviewed in Mozambique, and while her story is similar to that of many other people I have encountered since then, I will never forget talking with her.

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