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Matching humanitarian needs with private sector offers


Private sector support during disasters and humanitarian crises is crucial. A sustained, long-term commitment in the response and recovery efforts in affected countries benefits both the community as well as an engaged private sector. These can be in the form of donating in-kind and providing direct assets or services (see CBi Matching Platform Guidance). Companies can also help by contributing financially, offering commercial services, contributing to longer-term recovery, and supporting key UN messaging.

It is difficult for the private sector to determine needs and how their resources can best support response and recovery efforts. The CBi Matching Platform bridges this gap specifically.

To start helping, fill out this offer form

You may also download the offline version of the form here, and email it to connectingbusiness@un.org. This form lets CBi collect information on how companies want to help and where.


We will match your offers with existing needs.  Our colleagues in the humanitarian community are in charge of identifying the needs on the ground. CBi consults with the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), which liaises with the UN Resident or Humanitarian Coordinator to suggest gaps which the private sector may be able to fill.  

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