A-PAD Sri Lanka Bulletin, February-March 2020

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat • 2 April 2020

This A-PAD Bulletin provides an overview of the activities conducted in February - March 2020. It mainly focuses on how A-PAD Sri Lanka is addressing COVID-19: 

  • When the outbreak was first identified in China, A-Pad Sri Lanka was approached through its partner member HSBC to provide support for mask distribution in Wuhan city. 
  • COVID-19 Emergency Call Centre is set up to provide medical advice. A-PAD Sri Lanka district platforms also assist in providing essential medical equipment. 
  • A-PAD Sri Lanka is actively engaged in regional partnerships as well as with the networks globally through CBi to share best practices in responding to COVID-19. 
  • A-PAD Sri Lanka launched a nationwide campaign with media to instruct the public on shopping etiquette. 

A-PAD Sri Lanka also conducted Forest Fire Safety Policy Initiative, Hotel Industry Resilient Initiative and a swift water rescue training program in the country. 

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