Madagascar Private Sector Humanitarian Platform Response to Cyclone Enawo

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat • 9 March 2017
in group Madagascar

Madagascar was hit by Cyclone Enawo in March 2017 affecting over 433,985 people. In addition to responses relating to their individual capacity recorded in the capacity mapping, the private sector network:

  • Sent out information before the cyclone hit to help prepare and reduce disaster risks.
  • Mobilized funding for food and non-food items to 8,330 affected families and provided cash transfers to 3,786 affected families.
  • Helped to build back 20 schools, provide relief items and helped to repair 130 houses.

Since the creation of the platform, it has also:

  • Participated in the updating of the national contingency plan exercise and simulation
  • Disseminated weather warnings and other emergency documents (situation reports, newsletters, etc.)
  • Provided internet connections and SIM cards for data management in emergency response situations in collaboration with the Fondation Telma
  • Participated in the implementation of a post-disaster exercise supported by UNOCHA to have evidence based information
  • Used cash transfers in emergency response in collaboration with Fondation Telma, BNGRC , UNICEF and Madagascar Oil
  • Facilitated a partnership between CARE International and Leader Price to prepare dignity kits to affected communities
  • Facilitated partnerships and organized donations through mobile phone cash transfers
  • Provided evacuation and aid delivery vehicles