Press article: TCMOL hosts UN World Humanitarian Summit’s ‘Connecting Business Initiative’ in Sri Lanka

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat • 5 May 2016
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TCMOL hosts UN World Humanitarian Summit’s ‘Connecting Business Initiative’ in Sri Lanka

 May 05, 2016

The UN Connecting Business Initiative Sri Lanka, which is being held ahead of the inaugural World Humanitarian Summit which is set to get underway on May 23 in Istanbul, Turkey, was held at Stein Studios in Ratmalana today, Thursday, May 5.

The initiative is spear-headed by the Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited.

The Summit will aim to discover new ways on addressing the humanitarian needs in our fast changing world, and in preparation a series of consultations are held the world over.

Organisations, groups and individuals with their humanitarian mandates will congregate to advise and discuss humanitarian challenges and propose solutions. Consultations will enable the participant to contribute and collaborate on ideas on humanitarian matters.

It is in such a backdrop, The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited, organised the Connecting Business Initiative, Sri Lanka, at the Stein Studios in Ratmalana.

Following the dialogue on Thursday morning, the stake holders agreed,

  1. On framework for Connecting Business Initiative, Sri Lanka,
  2. Develop a structure on foundation documents
  3. Develop an initial work plan
  4. Develop an initial meeting with regional and global counterparts
  5. Create an operate portal.

Incidentally, the Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited is the only private organisation in Sri Lanka that has been invited by the United Nations to attend the World Humanitarian Summit 2016 which will take place from the May 23 – 24 in Istanbul , Turkey.

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