East Africa -HPPP Newsletter November 2019

Wairimu Kibui • 19 November 2019

HPPP held a learning workshop on 15th August 2019 with the theme: Private Sector Engagement in Delivering Sustainable Solutions in Complex Emergencies’. The workshop was sponsored by Connecting Business Initiative (CBI). The workshop followed a successful landscape analysis of the Kenyan man-made disaster context and a validation workshop held in June 2019.The objective of the workshop was to identify key action points for creating meaningful humanitarian and private sector led collaborations that will lead to collective action in a targeted way to avoid duplication; and that which will create resilience in disaster affected and marginalized communities especially displaced populations, refugees and communities in disaster prone areas.

The outcome of the workshop was an action plan for engagement with HPPP coordinating  the various working groups identified and especially on advocacy as this will provide easy entry of other private sector partners in the humanitarian context. Key priorities in the 2019/2020 work-plan include:

a) Advocacy to strengthen goodwill with government and other stakeholders.

b) implement a communications strategy to engage partners and network members.

c) Strengthen Capacity of network members and MSMEs.

d) Resource mobilization to build network sustainability.