WFP Mozambique: Flood Response Update, 12 May 2019

reliefweb • 15 May 2019


  • Since 14 March, WFP has assisted 1.6 million people affected by Cyclone Idai (Sofala, Manica, Tete and Zambezia provinces) and Cyclone Kenneth. 1,431,027 people alone were reached during the second cycle of the Idai cyclone response (15 April-14 May).

  • Since the beginning of the Cyclone Kenneth response, WFP has assisted over 123,037 people in the disaster-affected districts of Quissanga, Macomia, Ibo and Pemba in Cabo Delgado province. WFP is targeting 320,000 people to be reached during the first month of the response in Cabo Delgado and Nampula provinces.


  • WFP Assistant Executive Director (AED) Ms. Valerie Guarnieri travelled to Mozambique (10-13 May) to visit flood affected areas and see WFP field work in response to cyclone Idai. On Saturday 11 May, AED travelled to Sofala and Manica, accompanied by WFP Regional Director Ms. Lola Castro and WFP Representative Ms. Karin Manente. The visit included a commodity voucher distribution site in Beira and a resettlement site in Dondo. AED will also attend high level meetings with Government officials and the UN country team during her stay.

  • According to the Government (National Disaster Management Institute - INGC), food insecurity remains a major concern due to the destruction of planted crops (rice, beans, maize, and cassava) and the loss of pre-Cyclone Kenneth harvests that were either washed away or spoiled, becoming inappropriate for human consumption. At least 55,668 hectares of crops have been affected across the northern provinces (INGC), as Cyclone Kenneth made landfall in the middle of the main harvest season. Any maize harvested after Cyclone Kenneth cannot be used for seeds.

  • According to the Ministry of Sea, Inland Water and Fisheries, an estimated 10,000 fishermen have partially or completely lost their fishing boats or fishing gear due to Cyclone Kenneth. Long-term impact on communities’ livelihoods is likely to increase food insecurity in the months ahead.

  • The number of people affected by Cyclone Kenneth is estimated at around 286,000 people, according to INGC.

  • A validation workshop for the Multi-Sectorial Rapid Needs Assessment (MRA) conducted in Cyclone Kenneth affected areas took place with the participation of OCHA, INGC and Sector Clusters of the Government on Friday 10 May.

  • The Idai alert level has been downgraded from red to orange.
    Following this, Government will focus on post-emergency and recovery efforts.

  • The resettlement process led by the Sofala Governorate continues in five affected districts (Beira, Dondo, Nhamatanda, Buzi and Caia). WFP has started providing food to resettled families in Dondo district.