Pre-DIHAD workshop: Working together for “Sustainability of Humanitarian Response”

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat
Event date 4 Mar '18 09:00 - 16:00
Event location Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre at Dubai Meeting Room • , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Today we are facing the most complex emergencies of our time including the largest refugee crisis after the World War II. Both natural and human-made crises have contributed to the suffering of people. 20 million of people were at risk due to famine in Nigeria, South Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia. Millions of people were affected by the drought in Kenya and Ethiopia. The escalation in fighting in Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, Afghanistan also did not help the situation.

The Global Humanitarian Overview of 2017 underlined that about 142 million people needed humanitarian assistance in 37 countries. The humanitarian community requires US$23.5 billion to provide humanitarian assistance and, even when we are experiencing unprecedented donor genericity, the gap between required funding and obtained funds is wide.

Given the steep increase in need and requirements, this year the workshop programme will focus on “Working together for “Sustainability of Humanitarian Response.” Organized as a pre-workshop of the DIHAD conference, the objective is to provide an overview of the current humanitarian landscape; the challenges faced, current initiatives in sustaining humanitarian response and impact of different actors in ensuring continuity of aid supporting humanitarian action.

The Connecting Business initiative will be presented and discussed at the last session, entitled "Role and engagement of the different other actors".

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*Photo credit UNDP Tanzania