Health Sector Bulletin - Syria Arab Republic - Emergency type: Complex Emergency (December 2018)

11.3 MILLION in need of health assistance (2018 HRP)

6.1 MILLION internally displaced

2.9 MILLION with disabilities

1.16 MILLION in HTR locations

4.3 MILLION women of reproductive age


  • Security Council, Adopting Resolution 2449 (2018), Authorizes One-Year Extension of Cross-Border Aid Deliveries.

  • Impact on emergency health response in case of possible military escalation in north-east Syria.

  • Operational health sector preparedness for Menbij area in Aleppo governorate. Health sector plan for Menbij area has been updated by Aleppo hub (including trauma referral).

  • Operational plan for north-east Syria (including trauma referral) is in the process of being updated by Qamishli hub.

  • Essential health service coverage in key camps and settlements across the country, especially in north-east Syria.

  • Responding to leishmaniasis in north-east Syria.

  • 2019 HNO and HRP progress.

  • A way forward for health sector coordination in 2019.