Right to Vote: Guidelines and Operations Plan for Election Emergencies

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat • 15 November 2019

Sri Lanka held its 8th Presidential Elections on 16 November 2019. Foreseeing the potential threats that could be caused by disasters, the Election Commissioner joining hands with the Ministry of Disaster Management discussed the need to create specific guidelines for all authorities involved in both spheres of work. Following several consultation meetings, A-PAD Sri Lanka, CBi Member Network in Sri Lanka, was approached for technical and subject matter assistance in formulating a national document.

The policy document mainly aimed at ensuring that the voting rights of the general public of Sri Lanka are practiced even if calamity strikes. In doing so, a dedicated unit named Joint Election Emergencies Operations Unit (JEEOps) was formed and co-chaired by the Chairman of the Elections Commission and the Secretary of Ministry of Public Administration, Disaster Management and Livestock.

Marking its first time in Sri Lanka, the launch of this document formalizes the responsibilities of all key stakeholders to prepare their respective institutions and ensure that all election activities are carried out negating hindrances.