Webinar on Human Rights Due Diligence and Covid-19: Introduction of The Rapid Self-Assessment for Business

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat
Online in group Turkey
Event date 28 Oct '20 11:00 - 13:00
Event location Online - Istanbul time

Time and Date: 28 OCTOBER 2020 @11.00-13.00 (Istanbul Time)

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Since December 2019, an outbreak of the disease COVID-19 has spread across the globe and in March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak had reached the level of a global pandemic. Companies of all sizes and operating contexts are now faced with a range of unprecedented and long-lasting challenges in the world. In response to these circumstances, UNDP has designed a simple and accessible tool, the Human Rights Due Diligence and COVID-19: Rapid Self-Assessment for Business (COVID-19 Rapid Self-Assessment) to help businesses consider and manage the human rights impacts of their operations. This non-exhaustive list of potential actions allows for rapid but continuous reflection on the human rights risks and impacts common to many industries. The Covid-19 Rapid Self-Assessment is offered to companies as a partial but informative view of human rights actions in the specific context of Covid-19. The listed actions are based on relevant provisions of UN Human Rights Treaties, the ILO Fundamental Conventions, and the UNGPs. It is organized to present key actions or considerations along three stages of the COVID-19 crisis period: Prepare, Respond and Recover.

As part of the ILO/UNDP Framework for Action , UNDP Turkey Country Office and ILO Office for Turkey assessed human rights impact of the COVID-19 in business context and in cooperation with Global Compact Network Turkey and Business for Goals Platform (B4G), the Covid-19 Rapid Self-Assessment has been studied and adjusted to Turkish context. The Turkish version has been tested with limited number of the business and based on the feedback of the business, it has been updated and finalized. The Covid-19 Self- Assessment tool will be shared with the business with the aim of helping businesses consider and manage the human rights impacts of their operations during COVID-19 outbreak.


UNDP, ILO, Global Compact Network Turkey and B4G together organize this webinar to raise awareness on UNGP and launch Covid-19 the Self-Assessment to the Business in Turkey. Business for Goals Platform is eager to continue its advocacy efforts to promote human rights and related practices as well as to increase awareness in the private sector to create a more respectful work environment.

In this regard, the webinar has three objectives:

  • Increase awareness on UNGPs and provide guidance for the businesses on how to implement UN Global Compact’s Principles on Human Rights and Labor in times of COVID-19.
  • Explore how businesses can build stronger, more sustainable, and more resilient response to COVID-19 with a focus on responsible business practices,
  • Provide guidance on how to turn Global Compact principles on human rights and working rights into action in times of COVID 19.

For more information please visit Business for Goals website: https://www.business4goals.org/

Photo credit: UNDP Turkey