CBi Digital Series: The Role of Private Sector in Accountability to Affected Populations and Protection against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (Recording available)

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat
Event date 6 Apr '21 16:00 - 7 Apr '21 07:00
Event location Online

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Session on 6 April: 

Session on 7 April: 

 The presentation slides are available HERE.

Target audience:  

  • CBi Member Networks (MN);  

  • Members and private sector partners of the CBi networks 

Session Description:   

The Need for Accountability to Affected Population (AAP) and Protection against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) in Private Sector Humanitarian Actions 

As private sector continues to play a significant role in disaster risk management and humanitarian action, the need to ensure that there are mechanisms to promote accountability and inclusive participation of community stakeholders becomes even more significant. Accountability and inclusion mean that those who are the most vulnerable and at risk are placed at the center of disaster resilience and humanitarian programming. This needs to be continuously advocated and demonstrated in programs, activities and business practices where private sector engages in disaster risk reduction, preparedness, response and recovery interventions.  

Sexual exploitation and abuse by humanitarian workers, including the private sector, constitute acts of gross misconduct and are grave violations of the responsibility to do no harm and to protect people affected by crises. It is also a serious reputational damage to the entity whose staff is involved in such acts, including for its partners. It is important that the private sector is firmly committed to the global fight to eradicate any incidents. This can be done by including Protection against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) as part of the private sector own disaster management operations, raise awareness and train their staff from management to the field level to prevent any incidents.  

The CBi Orientation-Consultative Session on Accountability to Affected Population (AAP) and Protection against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) aims to provide practical application of the concepts and methodologies of APP and PSEA in order to enable participants to gain awareness and appreciation on how to promote AAP and PSEA in their own disaster risk management and humanitarian programs and activities. Practical guidelines and checklists on AAP and PSEA, applied to the private sector is provided to easily facilitate the adoption of AAP and PSEA practices. The sessions also include a consultation with CBi member networks and other private sector representatives to customize the CBi AAP and PSEA checklists for the private sector.  

Key Resources on Accountability to Affected Populations

Key Resources on Protection against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse