UNDRR Webinar - Community-based disaster risk reduction approaches in the context of COVID-19 in Africa

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat
Event date 26 Jun '20 15:00 - 16:00
Event location Nairobi time

Time: 3:00pm, Nairobi

The webinar will examine coherence of community actions, policies and concerted and collaborative risk management practices that communities have put together to address the current crisis and what needs to be prioritized to support future challenges. It will also highlight how the local capacities for risk management and community resilience have played out during the COVID-19 crisis, including by illustrating Community-based disaster risk reduction practices and views from frontline communities. In addition, attention will be paid to strengthening understanding on how the Sendai Framework is being utilized as a community resilience tool to support these community practices at local level.

This webinar is available in English and French. 

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