UNDRR Webinar - Climate migration and the COVID-19 pandemic: addressing the needs of climate migrants and vulnerable communities

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat
Event date 10 Jun '20 09:00 - 10:00
Event location Online - Panama Time

Wednesday 10 June, 9:00 am (Panama),
The multidimensional impact of COVID-19 threatens the development progress achieved under Agenda 2030. The scenario of a major economic contraction could plunge nearly 28 million people in the region into poverty as a result of impacts on the economy and creative industries, among others. It is in this scenario where, from the understanding of systemic risk, it becomes necessary to rethink the cities of the future we want. Complex cities, in a complex scenario, need to be rethought in intersectoral, integral and systemic terms. Strengthening the resilience of our cities will allow us, through solid systems of governance, to promote a risk-informed recovery that, through the implementation of strategic actions, promotes the development and well-being of urban inhabitants.

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