(Recording available) CBi Webinar on Conflict Sensitivity in Private Sector Disaster Management

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat
Event date 12 Oct '21 11:00 - 12:00
Event location Online - Geneva time

Watch the recording:

The basis for conflict sensitivity relies on the recognition that humanitarian, development and peacebuilding activities cannot be separated from the peace and conflict context in which they are implemented. Disaster management activities, particularly the distribution of aid, can create or deepen tensions even in seemingly calm societies. It is therefore critical for all actors, including the private sector, to consider local realities as they plan for their interventions.

CBi co-hosted a webinar with PeaceNexus and the UNDP Crisis Bureau to discuss how collective private sector platforms such as CBi Member Networks, Global Compact Local Networks and Chambers of Commerce can take steps towards minimizing the negative and maximizing the positive impacts their disaster management interventions have on the local context. 

The event also marked the launch of a CBi guidance note on conflict sensitive private sector disaster management

For more information, please click the icon below to view the presentation slides. 

Photo credits: UNHCR /  Sylvain Cherkaoui