Webinar - Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic series: Emerging Technologies in Response to COVID-19: Blockchain, ICT and Data for Pandemic Management

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat
Event date 26 May '20 10:00 - 11:00
Event location Online - CET

The presentations and recording are available here

Content and objectives

COVID-19 outbreak has been catastrophic for global economies, shutting down the world and crippling economies in ways that will change the world forever. The pandemic highlights the need for collaborative approaches to managing global crisis and more significantly how we need to transition as COVID-19 has rapidly transformed the way we interact, trade, communicate, un-tap value and create wealth. At the forefront of fighting this pandemic will be innovative tools and collective converged digital ammunition that cities and governments across the world will need to utilize not only to fight the virus but ensure preparedness for future pandemics and health emergencies. There is no doubt that even after the pandemic ends, economies and global value chains will be affected, productivity and growth will shrink plus we risk widening the digital divide if we do not act and act fast. Some of the answers to help re-balance economies will come from the digital economy which has already been a catalyst in accelerating and opening up a new digitized and virtual world that knows no borders. In this webinar we will explore the role of emerging technologies and data in helping to address the many challenges that have resulted from COVID-19, providing practical solutions for cities to help rebuild trust and enable a more secure, sustainable and safe future for global economies.

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