Guidance on Emergency Response Planning: Lessons from the PDRF Experience

Connecting Business initiative Secretariat • 28 July 2021

This Guidance is meant for private sector networks who are currently engaged in emergency operations and who are interested to know PDRF’s own approach in emergency response in the Philippines. Please note, however, that this Guidance is not specifically tailored to a particular type of industry and only broadly covers general emergency response priorities of the private sector networks.

PDRF was able to establish its own EOC through several years of experience in developing protocols and guidelines in disaster preparedness and emergency response management. This Guidance, however, is not restricted to those with EOCs but, in fact, caters to all private sector networks, who have disaster response activities.

This Guidance aims to offer insights and inspiration on how to get started and what to aim for based on PDRF’s experience. This Guidance will provide practical and useful tips for the private sector networks in planning an efficient, well- coordinated response operations during emergencies.

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