Cámara de Industrias y Producción

Cámara de Industrias y Producción

In August 2023, the Chamber of Industries and Production (CIP) of Ecuador joined the OCHA/UNDP Connecting Business initiative (CBi). The partnership between CBi and CIP will strengthen private sector disaster preparedness, response and recovery in Ecuador starting with a focus on El Niño for 2023.

Ecuador is highly exposed and vulnerable to natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, and the increasing impacts of climate change. In 2016, the country was intensely affected by the El Niño phenomenon, and expects high levels of flooding in 2023 as well. With an economy that is highly dependent on natural resources, Ecuador is particularly vulnerable to climate change both in terms of the impact of extreme weather events but also in terms of their economic impact.

CBi will support CIP in their disaster risk management (DRM) efforts, of which one goal is to build the capacity of the chamber around how to engage and strengthen the Ecuadorian private sector resources in DRM.


To learn more about the network, please go to the Cámara de Industrias y Producción (CIP) website.