Nigeria: Flood response Emergency Plan of Action Operation Update n° 1 (Emergency Appeal n° MDRNG025)

Summary of change of the context of the operation:

The operation update reflects the changes encountered in the context which was contributed to delay in implementation of the programme in the inception stage.

The initial plan was to have the affected population supported with Health and WASH activities in IDP camp setting, but the affected population moved out of the camps earlier than expected. The government wanted the schools which were the holding grounds for the IDPs to be vacated to avoid the disruption of learning because schools were resuming in January 2019.

The changes have affected the geographical context of the operation since the population dispersed to different local governments (LGAs) and villages. The operation had to strategize relevantly in order to ensure planned services are accessed by the targeted affected beneficiaries in their current location. Consequentially due to harsh inaccessible terrains and distances the project was compromised in terms of time.

The operations timeliness was also stretched by Christmas and new year breaks as well as two rounds of election dates since the election was postponed. Cholera outbreak was a secondary emergency reported in Emergency Plan of Action Operation Update Nigeria:Flood response Kogi and Anambra states. This was as soon as the IDP communities went back to their still wet settlements.

The cholera outbreak had an effect on the initial plan and schedule since cholera outbreak response required immediate action. This did not require any major review but emphasise which had time and additional financial consequences due to scale up.

The operation did not receive full funds (5,425,000 CHF) as results it was necessary to prioritize the planned outcomes and focus on basic needs NFI, food and other life-saving interventions of primary health care and WASH.