Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation

The devastating typhoons that hit the Philippines in 2009 prompted the Philippine government to establish the Special National Public Reconstruction Commission to evaluate typhoon risk factors and lead the recovery process. The Commission was a public-private partnership with a mandate to bring together the government and the private sector in organising the recovery process and to explore solutions to the flooding and destruction triggered by typhoons.

The Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation was set up as a business-led coordination body with the aim to address key gaps in disaster risk management and complementing the government in areas where it was restricted by limited capacities, budgetary constraints and/or bureaucratic challenges. Its activities include:

  • Livelihood-seeding programme to stimulate entrepreneurship, combat unemployment and restore economic health in disaster-affected communities.
  • Grants to support the restoration of micro-retail businesses and stores.
  • Emergency and evacuation centres.
  • Reconstruction of classrooms and school buildings.
  • Provision of educational and learning resource materials.
  • School feeding programmes to combat malnutrition.
  • Running sports clinics to foster overall wellness and psychosocial recovery of young disaster survivors through sports and camaraderie- building activities.
  • Restoration and protection of natural resources by engaging local communities in environmental protection programmes and sustainable livelihood options.
  • Managing mobile clinics and e-health centres.
  • Reconstruction and restoration of public structures, buildings and transportation.
  • Facilitating coordination and collaboration for disaster risk management among businesses, government and non-governmental organisations, as well as with international humanitarian organisations.
  • Supporting individual companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises, to improve corporate disaster risk management and preparedness.

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